Photography has been a part of my life since High School Year book. A nice young man with a wig (he had that disease where you dont grow hair) taught me how to use a SLR camera and told me I have a natural eye. I didnt like the smell of the darkroom so I never learned to develop but several of my photos were used in yearbook.

Hey remember that guy named Patrick who told one of my friends I had a crush on him because I was always taking pictures of him and my friend goes “Dude, shes in yearbook, its her job.” and put him in check?

Yeah, that was great.

I really did have a crush on him though.😂

Now, fast forward to 2007 when I get my first real DSLR and all hell breaks loose. I bacame a Helen. I joined all the Paint Shop Pro (the poor persons Photoshop) groups and learned how to make those annoying little fairy gifs. I over edited all of my photos and was very pleased with myself.

I did however find a website called SXC (Stock X Change) now Free Images that has been hosting about 400 of my early images for about 10 years now. And interestingly enough they have been used in print, magazines, newspapaer, book covers and even on television.

Im still a great photographer. I love to do random photo shoots with props and weird ideas. It gives me material for editing and creating some great prints.

ill come back and post the links to my Free Images gallery



and Instagram is Stacy.shoots but its still new and only has a few shots up. Check out Cheer Pix 4u on IG though for a million cheerleading photos from when the boys did competitive cheer.