About Me

Well this whole friggin blog is about me. How much more do you want to know?

Im soon to be 50. Born

October 9, 1967

Mother of three amazing sons.

Married twice. One short – 3 months. One long – 18 years.

Im a Jill of all trades. Master of none.

Libra. INFP but probably closer to INXX.

Melancholy Choleric

A calm, introverted, Type A, Alpha Female. Fully Princess and Queen at the same time.

I can shoot an arrow within an inch of your head so you dont get to call me Hunny, Darlin, Babe, Sweetie or Sunshine unless youve been able to make me moan with passion.

Ive been told Im a mans woman. Not much scares me.

Ive been told I embody innocence and wisdom well.

Curves in all the right places it seems and a little too smart for my own good sometimes.


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