About Me

Im guessing most people want to know a little bit about the person who has written what they are reading. Hence the words “a little bit”. How do you know how much or how little to say?

The basics: Fifty something female, kinda weird but in all the good ways, ADHD, artsy crafty, Love warrior, spiritual but not religious.

Single but mom of three grown sons.

Cat mom. Plant murderer.

A little more detail: Depression has been a part of most of my life. Its not me, its the chemicals in my brain, thanks. Causes me to be a bit over emotional at times but also causes me to love deeply and care about things other people dont care about.

Too much detail: I started this blog after my divorce so I was a being a bit of a wildcat. I have struggled with weather or not to delete it and start over since im moving in a whole new direction but id feel like I was deleting a part of myself who has shaped me into who I am now. And I like who I am now. Some of the older posts on this blog are racy. Youll find some of them locked down because well, Im not trying to wake up to a Karen who came here to buy a shirt and then got her frigidness triggered by something I did 5 years ago. So im leaving it all up. Most of it is just the ramblings of a woman trying to figure life out after a divorce. No big deal. Its entertaining plus I got a good tagline out of the experience.

“From Housewife to Hoe to Hustler in ten years.”

If youre a male who has found his way here though a saucy tag, you might want to head out now. You wont find much here now except tiny yarn pieces on the carpet and scraps from cut up shirts.

👉🏻Negative comments are not approved. They are trashed immediately and your name is added to my karma pot so have fun with that. It says nothing about me and everything about you.

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