Day 3 (or maybe it’s 4) of social media fast. But it’s not a fast. Because fasting insinuates a break and I fully intend on never returning.

I have three fb pages still open and I plan on eliminating them as well. For now I need to ensure that positive connections are coming in so I have one of them connected to all my happy pages. And no friends on that one. Zero.

I’ve been reading more. Pinterest. Learning. List verse. I took an online course yesterday and I’m doing another one tomorrow. Audio books at work. Journaling. Baking. Netflix. I will start school in January.

If I can discipline myself to write my book that will be a huge accomplishment. It will come.

I am literally breaking down who I’ve been for the last ten years. Facebook has defined me. I have allowed Facebook to define me and my relationships. So my subconscious is fighting me on this. Ten years of habits and I’m not sure what to replace them with. Ten years of checking to see if someone responded. Let’s say that again…..

Addicted to seeing if someone responded.

That’s not who I want to be!

Depending on others for ANYTHING goes against who I was created to be. Depending on others makes me feel icky now. I didn’t even know I was doing it.

I’m gonna need a new journal. And some new markers.

Sorry this is so boring today. I’m mostly just getting the thoughts out. Not really a point. Other than…. “Hey I’ve almost completely broken up with my narcissistic boyfriend Facebook.”

If you get a chance watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix

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