Man, what a night

I may be on this blog more often. I know I always say that though. And then I’m not.

I turned off my social media last night. Most of my facebooks are off and deleted from my phone. I deleted Instagram and Twitter and all the dating apps.

Something has to change in my life.

I’m not against social media. I still have 3 Facebook pages open. I’m against negativity and addiction. Social media is filled with so much stuff that makes me feel icky and I check it compulsively. Which isn’t good. Hello!

So making small changes in an attempt to reach for a better me.

It’s hard because there are so many people I love that I’m saying goodbye to. Leaving social media shows you who cares. I’ve had two friends reach out now. TWO. Out of thousands. We will see.

Anyway I may be pulling my stories out of my head in an attempt to quench my boredom!

Thanks for reading. Love y’all


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