Ok so after some thinking…ok no,


I have decided to reopen this blog.

Why? Because well, its pretty good writing. And also because well, why not?

I have nothing to hide. Hell, I haven’t had sex since September. Not because I couldn’t but because I got all that promiscuous stuff out of my system. Now all I really need is a sex partner, a partner in crime, A bff. A soul mate, twin flame, confidant, camping buddy, ride or die….

So sit back, enjoy and try not to fall in love with me.

Here’s a link to the first post:

Hello World

There are 104 of them

Use the arrows at the bottom (you have to scroll to the very bottom past the comments) to navigate chronologically and PLEASE comment and share your thoughts. Your first comment will need to be approved but after that you are free to comment at will. Be nice!


4 thoughts on “ReOpened

  1. Where are you working now? I just want to come and look at you. I want to feel your aura and see how you really are instead of all these words.

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