I haven’t seen or heard from the boy toy in about two weeks so that’s good. The last fight him and the gf got in she broke her car which cost him his job. He showed up here at my job on a motorcycle, ate, tipped me 13$, kissed me and left. That was the last time I saw him. I’m pretty sure he’s working at a restaurant on Seawall. The one his gf works at. 

Two years ago when I had the feels for my Muse and we broke up… the universe sent me Dollar Store Guy to get my mind off of him. That’s what I need now. I need a replacement. 

To be honest I want someone here to answer the phone when he calls. I want someone to take me to eat at that restaurant. I really want him to know what it feels like to be replaced because that’s what he keeps doing to me. 

But I’m not that petty. At least I don’t think I am. LOL 

I’m taking to several great guys. Waiting for one to step up. They never do. It’s just a constant ongoing phone romance that eventually fizzles out. They want a woman sitting around waiting for a date and that’s not me. I have a life, a job, responsibilities. One day off a week and none of them come. I don’t get it. 

Food, the beach and a beautiful woman? 

I texted the muse the other day. I miss his laugh. He said he was gonna text me. He should have. He might come over Saturday night. He’s not a priority. 

I love the time we have together. He’s comfortable. But he keeps me at arms length. It’s just sex. He’s emotionally unavailable. 

He’s the bowl of cereal you eat when you want steak but you’re either too broke or too lazy to get steak. 

Where’s my steak? Where you at boy? My bed is comfy and my kid is gone. The headboard bangs against the wall, the lights are sexy and my heart is full of love. 


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