I feel the need to say I’m not a hoe but I’m not going to say it. 

Here’s why. 

There shouldn’t even be such a thing as a hoe. A whore. A slut. 

Basically those names men call women who sleep with someone else besides them and what women call other women who get the guys they want. 

It’s outdated so let’s stop it. 

I am a woman. I have wants and needs. Ideally I am looking for a man who is both what I want and need. But my wants are complex so I often just settle for what I need. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

I have never once in my life cheated on a person I have been in a legitimate relationship with. Not once. Ever. 

Even when the boy toy was cheating on me I was still true to him. 

Yes I talk to a lot of men. But I’m single. I can do what I want. 

A guy messaged me the other day and said “you have a lot of guys on your Facebook”

Well yeah. I’m a single attractive women who blogs about sex. What did you expect to happen? 

I haven’t dated not even one of them. 

I have been in three relationships in the last three years. My muse. Dollar Store Guy and The Boy Toy. 

Ive had 4 one night stands that were mutual NSA arrangements. They were handled responsibly. 

Men have been doing things like this for years with no repercussions. 

Call me what you want. I refuse to own your labels. 


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