So I’ve been working on this blog. It’s kind of a mess but I’m a mess so it’s ok. 

I don’t write to make money. Although that would be nice. 

It’s really just more of an online journal about my dating experiences, feelings, frustrations. 

I don’t even know if it’s entertaining but I try. 

Anyway. I opened all the closed posts so there’s like five new old ones. If you’re interested. 

I have no one in my life right now. 

The boy toy comes and goes as he pleases but we haven’t had sex since we broke up in February. Which is kinda good cause the fool has a gf. Poor dumb girl. I bought her some chapstick


I have a new job. At the marina. There are several nice looking fisherman guys that come up here but none have really shown obvious interest. 

There is one that has come in twice. I get the feeling he’s into me but he hasn’t said anything for sure so idk. Maybe I’m reading him wrong. He’s tall and thin and his hair is long. Mmmmm…..

Plus I’m Ubering and I’m not gonna lie. One of these days the right guy is gonna ask me to come in and I’m gonna throw caution to the wind. Bet! 

I’ve had several ask. Several flirt. I love it when do a double take on me. I love it when they find out how old I am. 

I need to stop being a pussy and just live. Fucking yolo man. 

And yolo fucking. 


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