Tropical storm Cindy is blowing in. I bought a new tank top yesterday to wear to work only to find myself scurrying around looking for a jacket about fifteen minutes ago.

I’ve had one customer this morning. He left me a 13$ tip on a 9$ tab which is good cause he owes me 35$ anyway. And a lot more.

Y’all know him better as the boy toy.

Yes. He’s still around.

The last time we were together was feb. Mardi Gras. We broke up the last day and I’m pretty sure I got roofied that night. I was sad. It was the third time he left to go back to His gf and I told him this time I was done. I blocked all his numbers and moved on with life. After I got shitfaced drunk of course.

My friends cousin bought me one drink and by 11pm I couldn’t stand up. Conveniently enough he took me home where I puked all over my bathroom floor and climbed in the tub. I woke up, I don’t even know how much later, wrapped a towel around me and climbed in bed only to find him behind me with his shirt off rubbing my naked back.

I don’t think anything happened. I think I would have remembered. Being a typical guy he probably just jacked off behind me and left. Left his shirt behind too. I told him I liked it. It said “I’m going to hell in every religion”.

The next week I got a new job and each day I willed myself to forget about the man child who keeps distracting me.

Made it to late May when one day I’m at my new job and he walks in.

“Why haven’t you been answering my calls and texts” he asks.

“because I’ve blocked every number you’ve ever called me from fool. What part of leave me alone is confusing to you?”

He laughs. God I missed him. We talked. Caught up. He tells me he loves me. Misses me, several times. Spells our names out in Jinga blocks “Stacy + ****** for ever”… he sings to me. Picks on me. Talks about us. Talks about forever. Talks about gaining my trust back.

And just like that I’m in love again. Happy again. All my cares wash away like the water over the docks below me as Cindy comes near.

And yes, I am aware that his words are mostly lies but my heart doesn’t care. Because he’s going to leave and I’ll have all the cold hard truth I need.

People drink to escape pain. Or smoke. Or use any other kind of substance to forget about the tiny cancerous problems that riddle our everyday lives, don’t we? We do. And he is my drug. He is my happy place.

I made him a burrito and a DP. He ate. We talked.  As he left he kissed me tenderly several times on the lips and one on the forehead. We hugged and said I love you as if we were a normal couple in love……

To be continued

Storm clouds make for dramatic photos around the Northwest


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