The boy toy is gone. Like ….Gone

The pains are there but minimal, tolerable and weak enough to fight.

I have moved on.

Got myself a good new job.

Let’s just take a minute to put our hands in the air and praise Jesus for just a second for that.

Got a new car.

Stacy has moved TF on from the boy toy. I promise.

So I’m at work last week and this male walks in. He’s filling out an app or something and I heard him say he starts on Monday. He’s pretty.  Real pretty.

Makes the boy toy look like one of those ken dolls w real fake hair that got his hair cut down to thee roots.

I’m thinking… please be at least 25. Please be at least 25.

He’s not.

Not gonna lie. He’s kind of annoying in that…. I’m new to manhood and have to prove my worth kinda way. Oh. Shut up kid.

But damn he’s got all the stuff I like.

I would have much rather him put me off and us have a hot little flirting war at work but nope, he’s into me.

Why. Why do these boys like me so much. Wah. I like men. That DONT wear dad jeans.

I met him yesartfday and he’s already saying the magic words.


Eric called me over to “cuddle” once.

I suck at cuddling

If you know what I mean…..




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