Oil change 

It’s the end of February.

On the 19 the boy toy called me to come get him and bring him home. So being the amazing woman I am. I did.

We spent a week together and it ended again. This is the third go for us. And the last one.

And I mean it this time.

I love him. I wish him well but I’m done being a part of this love triangle.

So here I am back in the dating game. Feeling empowered a bit now.

Standing my ground with him and not not allowing him to hurt me this time showed me another level of strong I am.

Go me.

I got drunk. I got a new tattoo. A new piercing and I’m over it.

There are too many great guys out there vying for my attention to keep them cut off for one who only gives me half of his. I’m worth more. He knows if. I know it. You know it.

So anyway…. that’s all for now. Just sitting at wal mart getting my oil changed. No fun.


I wish I looked like this changing my own oil.


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